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RADQuake Custom

Post#1 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:51 am


Ian Micheal recently listened to my feedback on improving the presentation of RADQuake and has very kindly implemented it in to a custom build that he's happy for me to share with you.

The differences over previous versions may sound minor, but I believe that they improve the overall experience in a big way.

Firstly, the 50hz/60hz video mode selection screen wouldn't display over VGA. You could get around this by knowing what buttons to press, but that's far from ideal. We discussed ideas, as neither of us wanted to lose the functionality, and now the engine will automatically boot in 60hz unless the start button is held during boot (the Sega logo screen), in which case an option menu will appear.

The "Insert Quake CD and press START" screen was needed for compilations with multiple soundtracks, but as my interest is in creating single game images, this was just another screen to skip before the title screen. As such, this has been removed.

Finally, the loading image was not displaying properly in RADQuake. Load times for Quake average ten seconds from CD, and the lack of a loading screen made it look like the game had frozen any time you died or changed levels. Ian put a good amount of time in to resolving this and I really think that it makes a big difference to the presentation.

Ian also made some further optimizations, improving performance.

Anyway, I certainly appreciate the time and effort that went in to this build, and I'm excited to work with it!
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