(hep) SC 5 FMV AI enhanced mod

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(hep) SC 5 FMV AI enhanced mod

Post#1 » Wed Oct 07, 2020 4:24 pm

hi everybody.

Im new in the forum. I was trying to make a Space Channel 5 mode, but I always got stuck on the Moloading screen and never went through.
Obviusly im doing something wrong, the CDI starts up but it can load the game.
I was looking at the dreamcast specs and it said

"320×240 to 640×320 and 320×480 video resolutions" fmv encoding, I even tried to use the original file resolution and my mod couldnt load... so I dont know what I am doing wrong. I need some help, I followed the decompile tutorial from here with windows XP in virtual machine, other tutoriales I succeded (aparently but I didnt, otherwise my mod would be working haha) but with yours just at the 3rd step it mention to use the ip.bin file and the bootfile.bin but it doenst generate them to me. I have 2 tracks but only the Tdata1 and 2... my last tutorial worked from a CDI file that its content was already decompile but not self boot, I added it and got the game running but no modding accepted for it.

the mod!!!
GamesReview already have a Space Channel 5 HD mod, but the only dump the textures use Ersgan and gigapixel ai and but them back, so they remastered the 3d models but not the back ground fmv!!!

my idea was remastering the fmv! replacing them to a better quality one, im using mainly Video Enhance AI (by topaz labs, same than gigapixel) and photoshop for post processing the frames and resize them back to a dreamcast supported resolution

here is some sample images

the original fmv at 240p

here 1st post processing, just denoise/deblocked in the middel then the post processing from photoshop, then another denoise deblock
)due photoshop resize it well, and makes it sharper but adds some noise back, so I denoised again.

Image original just denoised


so this is the process I have done, first the folder source, the original ones...then the folder denoised/deblocked...then goes upscaled using video AI to x600% (maximum that allows me keeping the same screen shape dimension) then x600% jpg frames resized using photoshop in "automated/batch actions" then once in video again goes back to video AI to denoise deblocked....

Optional step!!! would be adobe premier PRO, for frame interpolation using optimal flow to 60 fps at deep rendering...but im not sure if the dreamcast could support fmv at 60 fps

no credits for me, im not doing anything than using softwares...so...if someone with better knowledge wants to do it sure! take the project!! or if someone wants to help! sure too! the main goal is to have it done! have it totally remastered...

I have seen dreamcast mods of sonic using fmvs at 640x480 but im not sure if they added a modded script to force it or it will be the max that dreamcast can encode natively?
I have no idea...I need help

I add the fmvs as a sample

Can you imagine how the chapter "catch the scoop" would look!!! :o

I add the link of the 60 fps video

[ Play Quicktime file ] R1_B1_01 denoised .mp4 [ 1.91 MiB | Viewed 421 times ]

[ Play Quicktime file ] processed ready to m1v.mp4 [ 7.68 MiB | Viewed 421 times ]


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Re: (hep) SC 5 FMV AI enhanced mod

Post#2 » Thu Oct 08, 2020 5:59 pm

Update: To not to mess up the frames (the montage needs to be 100% precise)

I upscaled the original denoised at 600% then resized using handbrake to 640x480 (just for tests, not sure if dreamcast would support it, somebody please, to confirm it) then AI denoised deblocked again. I got good results!

original vs AI enhanced

Im ready to process them all, I'll try to decompile it myself, if somebody is interested and knows how to do it, I can upload the m1v upscaled so send them to you.

pd: I have no idea where the game intro, and the morolians meeting fmv could be. I only gained access to the fmv montage backgrounds

[ Play Quicktime file ] R1 B1 01-source.m4v [ 1.52 MiB | Viewed 380 times ]

[ Play Quicktime file ] R1 B1 01 1.00X X1440 Gcg-1.0.1-1_1.00x_640x480_gcg-1.0.1.mp4 [ 7.7 MiB | Viewed 380 times ]

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Re: (hep) SC 5 FMV AI enhanced mod

Post#3 » Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:11 am

In dreamshell HDD this game is unplayable, many lags during gameplay!

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Re: (hep) SC 5 FMV AI enhanced mod

Post#4 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:01 pm

Update: (all using windows XP in virtual machine)

I could decompile succesfully using this forum CDI decompile tutorial and compile it again. but no luck!
the game doesnt even boot. (ip.bin modified and new dummy obviusly)

I used my files, just going straight b2b_game (data folder to CDI) the game boot but when you start level 1 it gets stuck and never loads.

then I tried to compile it using the modified ip.bin and a new dummy file then just using BootDreams
the game doesnt start either.

it seems like the game doesnt want any mod or changes...not even 1 fmv at same format (m1v) denoised and deblocked...i have it decompile, the only way it runs is using b2b_game.bat
but for some reason it always crash....

what it could be failing? any common signs or symthoms in my case?

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Re: (hep) SC 5 FMV AI enhanced mod

Post#5 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 11:55 am

Did you know DCRES made a 2 disc version with the videos from the PS2 game?
Maybe that CDI can unlock the secrets for you? I have a DCRES collection posted in the Downloads section.
https://git.teknik.io/deluxx_/dcresnfo/ ... 0DCRES.nfo

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Re: (hep) SC 5 FMV AI enhanced mod

Post#6 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 2:40 pm

So, the original game disc is not good? I am trying to figure this out. Please do not throw rocks at me for asking.
Bob Dobbs

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