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4x4 ProEvolution mod download link inside

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 7:55 pm
by Anthony817
4x4 ProEvolution was a project by a user in the Russian DC community named cptPauer back in 2011. The aim of this mod in his own words were this.

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4х4 ProEvolution will be a mod for dreamcast's version of one of my favorite racing game 4x4Evolution with new cars, music, tracks, screens, AI, etc.

Now "Jeep Wrangler YJ" is available in 4x4Evo for DC =)

Unfortunately work stopped on this mod many years ago. Back in 2015 I ripped the only disc I had of this modded version of the game. I decided I wanted to share it with the community here, but also incite others to possible get on board and revive this games modding community on the DC. As of right now not a whole lot was done to it, I believe he added a few new tracks and at least a few vehicles. I haven't played this in years, but do remember there being a brand new Jeep Wrangler YJ added to the game, as well as all new custom loading screens and the intro from 4X4 Evo 2 I believe. You can see a video of the jeep here.

This mod is a beta version, so it was by no means finished. It would maybe be a good base to mod with though so you can see what all was done to it. You can download it below. The game files are in the .mdf and .mds file format so Alcohol 120% is recommended for burning for those still using physical media.!iE1lSQZI!r59iA5JqU1FJ ... ycj4cgS21E

I also wanted to gather information about modding this game here.

The original link for this project over at has been dead for many years now as that site is no more. But with the power of Internet Archive's waybackmachine we can still see and read the info posted over there to help future modders know what all is possible with this game. Lots of great technical information in there. ... -mod-3928/

I also posted a thread here on these forums too back in 2011 trying to hype people about upcomming "DLC" for this game whereby people were planning on modding in content from Monster Truck Madness, since it was the same engine from same developers. But there is some great info there. ... f=2&t=3925

I am trying to get in contact with my old friend moi and see if he still has some old converter tools for making the downloadable LTE track files be able to be added and run from the game ISO so we could maybe build a custom Dreamcast-Talk inspired mod with some popular tracks and vehicle mods from online.

There was also another failed mod that was going to port over the assets from 4X4 Evo 2 and remake that game for Dreamcast using the first game as a base. You can see that old project discussed in these links here. ... ast.57962/

and ... ble.66053/

If and when I find more info I will update this post.

Re: 4x4 ProEvolution mod download link inside

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 9:02 pm
by Bob Dobbs
Really nice digging! This is worth looking into.

Re: 4x4 ProEvolution mod download link inside

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 1:50 am
by Roareye
This is awesome!

I personally would love to have some "greatest hits" of Sega vehicles. The Hornet from Daytona USA, Ryu Hazuki's forklift, the Outrun car, even Robotnik's Egg-o-Matic flying machine lol

Re: 4x4 ProEvolution mod download link inside

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 6:47 pm
by Anthony817
That would be cool, but exporting all new vehicles would be way more time consuming. My idea is to take existing vehicle mods found on the net and have them added to the game.