GoldenAxe-Remake(480x272) Beta6.0/1 openbor New link

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GoldenAxe-Remake(480x272) Beta6.0/1 openbor New link

Post#1 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 12:18 pm

Here is is the GoldenAxe-Remake(480x272) openbor version of the mod for dreamcast widescreen, 3 modes story skeleton and duel
This is running on Beta6.0 and Beta6.1 may crash or misbehave i have not fully tested it. . it crashes when you use magic For the male human char there's something wrong with the mod .. :oops: Maybe just on nulldc hope it does not on real hardware closest i get to real hardware is Demul it still crashes on it using magic with the male human.. I need to get an av cable and controller for my real dreamcast because using emulators for dev is like a crapshoot

6.0 beta Does not have sprite limting CDI Linke updated!P7AXnCwa!4FvBlS00NmLR ... OsY9beyB_o
6.1 beta cdi lnk!eqQGwaZC!LB3WwAU0UHnI ... MQnfSJ08u4 Skeleton mode works on beta6.1 on nulldc but not 6.0
I have been porting over newer openbor src before my dev crashed seems it fixed that.

both crash if you use magic. With the human male not with the elf , women's magic does not crash it ether..
Screenshot beta 6.1 magic crash

Screenshots widescreen mode




level end 1

Code: Select all

Level property 'rock' is not supported.

Script compile error in 'Level spawn entry script': changelevelproperty line 3,
column 4

********** An Error Occurred **********
*            Shutting Down            *

Can't compile script 'Level spawn entry script' data/levels2/turtle/turtle.txt

I did not make this game but it seems to need a lot of work but it plays great while it does.
Dev info

Code: Select all

OpenBoR v3.0 Build IMRBETA 6.1, Compile Date: Jul 25 2019

Game Selected: bor.pak

FileCaching System Init......   fs_iso9660: disc change detected
Initializing video............
Reading video settings from 'data/video.txt'.
Initialized video.............  480x272 (Mode: 1, Depth: 8 Bit)

Both version crash if you use magic. when using the male human char :oops: When you press magic button almost 1000 sprites get mapped crashing it as they do not unlock.. kinda of proving the problem. Since my fav char is the elf i missed this bug
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Re: GoldenAxe-Remake(480x272) Beta6.1 openbor

Post#2 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:18 pm

Awesome! I remember beating Golden Axe for the first time. This is going to be fun! Thanks!

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