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Pokemon Gen 1 Proof of Concept Beta6.1 openbor

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:16 pm
by Ian Micheal

I really love this demo from NickyP, It's real nice use of the openbor engine 16bit palette mod..


Post can be found here about it ... pic=4029.0

Dreamcast link to CDI openbor Beta6.1 imr build!bzJkHYZb!Gkz4gipuw6XS ... MbxmR_8qN4
What NickyP said about this demo.

This is a demo I worked on about five months ago, and then stopped. The general idea is to take the story and setting of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, and "translate it" to a beat 'em up. As you'll see in the demo, I tried to reproduce the general feel of the original Pokemon games--you pick your starter Pokemon (Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Pikachu), have your first battle in Professor Oak's lab, and continue onto Viridian Forest. Along the way you encounter both wild Pokemon and Pokemon Trainers, each with their respective music and transitions.

You should note that wild Pokemon have weaker stats and an easier AI than trained Pokemon.

The Attack1 button is for regular attacks. The Attack2 button is a special attack that drains your MP bar. MP regenerates quickly, so use your special attacks freely. The game supports up to four players.

I don't know whether I'll pick this mod up again. If any of you decide to build upon it, be sure to give me credit. Have fun!

All credit for the game and demo to NickyP