SDLFIGHTER shooter port update 1.0 MOD

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SDLFIGHTER shooter port update 1.0 MOD

Post#1 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 8:45 pm

i ported this first to dreamcast i know other people have after me. allways bugged me it was running so slow
so i spent a day and I have finshed up my old port of SDLfighter a shooter game pretty simple. it use to run at 10 to 15 fps
well i only have emulators not real hardware to test.. but before i started on redream it was 15 fps.
it's now hits 21 to 30 fps. with proper sound mixing
Grafix have been modded Credit "" or "" For the grafix

This will not run right on nulldc this uses 8bit vram writes also will not run on riecast
it will run on redream demul I hope a real dreamcast. It use to.

Im finshing up my unfinshed projects from 2003 the game engine could be modded into a nice game it has the basics to it.
all controls are kos not sdl I never liked sdl events lol.. Things i was thinking of doing to it have a proper start menu, add better ai , multi layer scrolling background .. first i wanted to get it stable and running right.
this uses kos1.1.8 i like it the best for speed it's simple does not have all the newstuff thats not needed..


updated source code Optmized
(1.26 MiB) Downloaded 148 times

Selfboot cdi
(2.34 MiB) Downloaded 152 times

OLD dev log Ported 30 aug 2003

Code: Select all

Changed some game maths to make it run better and be a bit more fun.The Game hits 16fps  and is 5fps faster at times then the last version. Still not flying  along but maybe in time.

Game similar to NC-Fighter, but it uses SDL. It has features like scrolling background, music (7 tracks), bonus items, animated explosions, 2 types of weapons and 4 enemies (including 2 bosses).

Game uses following libraries:
- SDL (
- SDL_mixer

SDL DC-Fighter Version
Dreamcast Port of SDL-Fighter 2d scrolling Shooter with power ups and 5 stages. Game is fully ported meaning all controls are not dreamcast controler. Game was not hard to port but i thought worthy to port it has every basic function of a good shooter game and the engine can be edited pretty easy. It's a good example of a shooter engine.

Speed needs to be optmized.

Game uses following libraries:
- SDL (
- SDL_mixer
- Kos-1-1-9
- GCC 3.04

Controls are
*(left and right trigger) let you turn up or turn down the SFX and music.
* Start button lets you start the game again once you have died.
* Up down left right is the dreamcast dpad kos controls.
* (A) button = fire your cannon
* (B) Button = Change your weapon to *EG* Rockets
* (Y) Button = Help menu and credits screen you press it to click it
 off and to get the other menus 1 time for the helo menu 2nd time for the scrollying credits 4th time to get back to the game.
* both triggers and start will now exit the game.

So at this stage fully ported to dreamcast.

Enjoy authors site  Homepage of the dc port  and many other SDL games and emulators.

here is my score i beat the game can you beat my score ?

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