RADquake 4.7 Shrak total conversion 1997 Dos Fullversion

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RADquake 4.7 Shrak total conversion 1997 Dos Fullversion

Post#1 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:13 pm

i have modded this so it would run on radquake4.7 and made custom start demo videos this is needed or it will crash this is the fullversion I have spent the time to mod the textures so they work you need to use a dos computer to do it.
Fullsaving and all features No cd music as it does not work and i dont have it. when I fix radquake to have cd music i will redo these mods. your not missing much.
Shrak (branded as: Shrak for Quake) is an unofficial commercial total conversion mod developed for id Software's Quake by Quantum Axcess. It was released on January 30, 1997.
this is a lot of peoples fav TC some like it better then quake it's self.

Selfboot CDI link
https://mega.nz/#!a2hAWajB!ilWLY1nReK3z ... j2Z8z2XGlo
Running on radquake

use virtual keyboard or real type chase_active 1 for 3rdperson gameplay


normal FPS mode

Youtube video not running on radquake


Code: Select all

Humanity has lost control over Earth... Mutants that were created during last conflicts, have completely gotten out of control. Humans were forced to flee from the planet and watch as their home was overrun by mutants and the ones, who joined them...

Soon situation became even more dire. Unorganized mutant actions became organized: someone or something named "Shrak" have united them and started rebuilding Earth as a gigantic military base.

You were sent back to Earth in order to reveal the mystery about "Shrak" and report it back: this should help to keep things contained on Earth...

Except that your ship have crashed and will not fly back anytime soon.

Game doesn't have weapons that don't use ammo, so be economical!

List of weapons:

Code: Select all

Utility Vest (contains flares, proximity mines, and grappling hooks)
Proton Laser (a rather inaccurate semi-automatic laser rifle, your starting weapon)
Double-Barreled Shotgun (almost identical to its Quake's counterpart)
Uzi (rapid-fire weapon that almost as powerful as a Super Nailgun)
Friend Maker (short-ranged energy blast that forces affected enemy to attack other monsters)
Inflator (shoots gas darts that tear enemies from within)
Rocker Launcher (very similar to its Quake's counterpart)
HFB 9000 (shoot out a ball that makes enemies bounce themselves to death)

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