The Escapee Dreamcast Action Adventure Game Release Joshprod 2018

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Re: The Escapee Dreamcast Action Adventure Game Release Joshprod 2018

Post#11 » Wed May 23, 2018 12:33 pm

Well but here's the thing: games like 'Crash, 'Halo' etc. are full remakes or at least updated to modern standards, and are often multi-game compilations. DC Port like 'The Escapee' most of the time are not even enhanced for the DC hardware, and are single game releases. The common denominator here is they cost the same amount to purchase - $40. And without knowing specifics, you know a hell of a lot more time, effort and money went into something like 'Crash' than 'The Escapee.'

The couple DC ports you mentioned were also released around a year after their original releases, not 15, 20 or more years like many of these JoshProd versions, so their comparable prices at the time made sense.

Now, of course a release like 'Crash' makes up for the lower purchase price in volume of sales, and I mostly prefer physical to digital too, but all this is besides the point: publishers like JoshProd are still price gauging.

mstart had it on the nose. If people buy these ports at these prices, companies like JoshProd will keep releasing old ports at these prices. Because for them, why not? It's smart business in the short term as they are making money.

It's like when people complain about Nintendo not letting digitally purchased games be downloaded on a newer system's Virtual Console, instead forcing a person to buy them again at the same price. But people keep buying them, so again, why not? More money for Nintendo that way.

And more money for JoshProd this way.

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Re: The Escapee Dreamcast Action Adventure Game Release Joshprod 2018

Post#12 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:53 am

Anyone manage to boot it with Terraonion Mode ?

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