Castlevania chronicles dx (DREAMCAST EDTION) (DREAMBOR) with video

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Re: Castlevania chronicles dx (DREAMCAST EDTION) (DREAMBOR) with video

Post#11 » Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:29 am

Yeah the icons are in a romsdisk because i noticed it was slowing down the main engine loading them each time from the cdr now there held in memory it's super fast for them to change work.. as for megavolt patch in there i dont know this is kos1.1.9 it's built with.. cant remember what i was doing for that last year to make it boot on gdemu have to look.. thanks for trying it .. it really is very fast not all the stable but you can save and get thru it.. very stable on nulldc crashes more on real hardware i think from a cdr because .. some one said they played it right thru on gdemu for hours.. cd audio is still buggy but you can drop to console and map the cd tracks then save the config and the cdda works correct it's a bit of work to do that but it's there for the hardcore fan lol.. cd audio cuts out on levels starts again kinda got piss off at it .. needed a break from quake.. but at times it's racing game fast.. the next thing was geting quake rally that fast so it be fun on radquake did not get around to releasing that as i think people were radquaked out i was lol.. i have a nice game i was working on called white room with new maps looks cell shaded runs super fast :)

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Re: Castlevania chronicles dx (DREAMCAST EDTION) (DREAMBOR) with video

Post#12 » Fri Jul 31, 2020 3:01 pm

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