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Cave Story 2017 build [CDDA][CDI][SB] MUSIC FIXED

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:47 am
by Ian Micheal
Well this was released in a mdf almost no one can burn right here is my made cdi with cdda music now works perfect in this build only thing is you have to remap the keys when you first start or it will not let you start the game i show it in the video
Youtube video of it

Yes i suck at the game sorry

Selboot cdi with cdda music for a cdr should work on gdemu i dont know This is cdi packed with winrar to save space and downloading

Link!j2pnhYoR!BvDybg_JRaw7 ... -H4dhQyVY4
Scene release by me to help people the sourceforge almost never downloads and it's hard to make a cdi with cdda for the normal user