Where to buy independant Dreamcast games.

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Where to buy independant Dreamcast games.

Post#1 » Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:45 pm

updated June 2020

This is a (non-comprehensive) list of stores that sell newly-developed independent video games for Dreamcast.

If you would like to see a shop added or removed please comment below and be sure to include information on why it should or should not belong on the list. Conversation about Kickstarters and other preorder programs are welcome in this thread, but may not always be updated in the top post because not all projects deliver.

Alice Dreams
Location: France | Ships: InternationalAlice Team is the publisher of their own game, Alice Dreams Tournament. "a crazy Bomberman-like on Dreamcast! Have fun in team or at the amazing “Hide & Seek” mode with your VMU screens !"

Bitmap Bureau
Location: England | Ships: International
"Xeno Crisis is an arena shooter in which up to two players take control of battle-hardened marines embarking on a deadly mission to confront an alien menace and get home alive! Run and gun your way through thousands of adversaries as you explore..."

DragonBox Shop
Location: Germany | Ships: International
Currently selling Hermes by Retroguru and Wind & Water: Puzzle Battles by Yuan Works.

The GOAT Store
Location: United States | Ships: International
The GOAT Store has published a handful of indie titles for other developers over the years. Currently selling Cool Herders, Feet of Fury, Inhabitants, Irides, Maqiupai. Also responsible for hosting the Midwest Gaming Classic (except this year :()

Location: France | Ships: International
Orion is a one-person developer who also self-publishes a variety of titles. Escape 2042 (action/shooter), Elansar & Philia (mystery point-and-click), Alice's Mom's Rescue (cute platformer), Orion's Puzzle Collection (3 puzzle games and some memes)

Retro Gaming Roundup
Location: United Kingdom | Ships: International
2 silly games made by some podcast hosts in the style of a Game-and-Watch. James and Watch: ARM, and James and Watch: Tooth Cracker

Sarumaru (Saru Pro)
Location: United States | Ships: ????
Developer of FX Unit Yuki - The Henshin Engine. This action/platformer is ported from PC Engine and shows a nostalgic, retro anime design.

Magical Game Factory
Location: France / United States | Ships: International
Pier Solar HD is a vibrant 16-bit RPG from the artists at Watermelon Co.

Location: France | Ships: International
"PUBLISHER AND DISTRIBUTOR OF RETROGAMING AND NEXT GEN LIMITED EDITION VIDEO GAMES." European distributor for the JoshProd games. Exclisive distributor for limited releases in the blue PAL-style cases.

Location: Germany
Retailer that carries retro and indie games. Makes appearances at a number of gaming conventions. Best place to catch them is Facebook.
retrospiel - An- und Verkauf von Videospielen | Gladbacher Str. 33 | 50672 Köln | Deutschland

Location: Hong Kong | Ships: International
Play-Asia specializes on selling Japanese import games to international markets since 2002. When indie games are available, they typically have a limited quantity.
Shop 38-39, G/F, Winder Building | 161-175 Fuk Wah Street | SHAM SHUI PO | HONG KONG

Location: Japan | Ships: Japan
Bit-Games sells both Western and domestic games from FC era to present. Contact them directly to place orders for anything unavailable or out-of-stock.

Game Paradise
Location: Switzerland | Ships: ????
A European retailer of classic hardware, retro and import games, and indie games for many consoles.

The Bit Station
Location: United States | Ships: International
This USA reseller tries to carry a variety from different publishers. Orion, Senile Team, JoshProd, GOAT Store, as well as carrying Alice Dreams Tournament, and Leona's Tricky Adventures. The store may be publishing new games in the future.

Video Games New York
Location: United States | Ships: ????
VGNY has a presence. Online, the store in New York, NY, and booths at over a dozen hobby conventions every year. (except this year :() VGNY specializes on imports, arcade parts, and other niche gaming collectibles. Sometimes they have exclusive distribution rights for some indie games for the entire North American continent.
Videogamesnewyork | 202 East 6th St | New York, NY 10003 | USA

LowTek Games on Etsy
Location: United Kingdom | Ships: International
Flea is a brand new game for the NES (ported to Dreamcast). This hard as nails platformer has you traverse inside and outside a great beast. You are Henry the flea and you never stop jumping which only adds to the challenge ahead.


Will these games run on my Dreamcast?
Every indie game released has been region-free. Games are compatible with any Dreamcast manufactured October 2000 and earlier (No mods needed).

Will it display (NTSC/PAL/VGA) format video?
Yes, it is very likely. I don't know. (Help needed here.)

How often will this list be updated?

Also, check out the companion list, Collector's list of independent and unlicensed software for Dreamcast.
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Re: Where to buy independant Dreamcast games.

Post#2 » Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:46 pm

Former sellers of independant Dreamcast games
Not all stores stay in business forever. Some fade away in the internet. Some endure, but don't restock indie games. Here's a list.

Chollo Games
Location: Spain | Ships: ???? Sturmwind is out-of-stock
Online and retail store carrying classic and import games for most consoles.
C/Arenal,8 1ª Planta Local 18 | C. Comercial Arenal 8 | 28013 - Madrid | España

Location: United Kingdom | Ships: ???? Sturmwind is currently out-of-stock
Retroplayers carries imports, used consoles, accessories, and games for a variety of systems.

Location: Hong Kong | Ships: International
Lik-Sang was a powerhouse in the game and hardware mod community. They also got the ball rolling for indie games by being one of the first distributors of the GOAT Store games. The company went out of business in 2006 following a trademark lawsuit from Sony.

Location: Germany
Hucast used to develop and publish a several games. RHE continues to develop games for modern consoles, but no longer publishes or sells for the Dreamcast.

Leona's Tricky Adventures
The official site for the game has been under renovation since mid-2019. This game is a rare success story where the game was published even though the original Kickstarter campaign failed.

Location: Gemany | Ships: International
THE develops games for Neo Geo AES and CD systems. Many earlier games were ported to Dreamcast, but the newer ones are incompatible. All of the Dreamcast ported games are out-of-print.

Location: Germany
redspotgames served as an indie publisher for Dreamcast games. The company is now out of business, and the domain (redspotgames.com) has been used by an unrelated company to sell games for the Nintendo Switch.

Location: France | Ships: International
RushOnGame is the first "private sales" site. That means buyers need an account, and all games preorder-only within a limited time window. They carried the JoshProd games in PAL cases for the first several series.

(More information needed on this retailer.) The domain name now redirects traffic to retroplace.com .
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Re: Where to buy independant Dreamcast games.

Post#3 » Fri Jun 12, 2020 12:15 am


Risks are involved anytime purchases are made online. Please consider these two statements when purchasing anywhere other than directly from a retailer.

1) Marketplaces have a different relationship from buyer to seller than direct sales.

Marketplaces often have terrific deals, and often serve as a domestic source for imports and indie games. Often developers have their on storefronts in these platforms. Unfortunately, marketplaces are also a home for reproductions and scams. The marketplace itself might also not have a refund guarantee if there is a conflict. Marketplaces aren't always bad, but these things do happen, so remember "BUYER BEWARE".

2) Preorders are not a guarantee that a product will deliver.

Kickstarter and preorder programs are a popular way to fund development of niche titles. They prove interest in a particular idea before development has begun, and remove the burden of publishing cost from the developer by placing it on the backers. While it is common for projects to ship after waiting 2-3 years, sometimes a project is never completed, and that leaves backers empty handed. Backing a project does not equate to a sale, so once again, remember "BUYER BEWARE".

Listed here are a few indie Dreamcast projects that have changed their promises to backers, or have taken an outstanding amount of time beyond their original schedule to complete. They serve as an example of risks involved with preorder and backer programs.

Elysian Shadows
Developer / Publisher: Elysian Shadows Team
  1. Original Kickstarter campaign closed 2014.
  2. Last Kickstarter update was 2017. Now, silence.
  3. Official communication has moved to Facebook and discord.

Redux: Dark Matters - Kickstarter Special Edition (steelbook DVD case)
Developer/Publisher: Hucast Games
  1. A kickstarter-exclusive backer item was listed for sale in the shop at hucast.net after the campaign completed.
  2. To sting backers more, preorders of this particular version shipped out to Kickstarter backers later than orders from the hucast.net store.

Redux 2
Developer/Publisher: Hucast Games
  1. After taking preorders at hucast.net, Hucast shipped out a soundtrack CD, but never mentioned any progress on the game.
  2. With the year, the Hucast.net store closed, and the developer no longer publishes games for Dreamcast.
  3. Hucast continues to develop games for modern consoles
  4. Outstanding project since 2015

Saber Rider and the Star Sherriffs
  1. Kickstarter campaign funded 2015, most recent update is 2018.
  2. Silence.

Developer: Isotope / TDGmods | Publisher: The GOAT Store
  1. First thing is first. The GOAT Store has done right by buyers and is fast to take care of refunds. Well done!
    If you have a preorder and want a refund, contact the owner directly.
  2. Preorders opened in 2014 with an intended 2015 release date.
  3. A critical bug has been responsible for the delay. The developer has polished and corrected other bugs in the meantime, but a reliable build still does not exist.
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Re: Where to buy independant Dreamcast games.

Post#4 » Sun Jan 03, 2021 12:10 am

January 2021 mini-update

Dreamcast game from a new source! Flea! hops on the scene, and developer Lowtek Games is already following up with a second NES/Dreamcast release. 11 days remain on the Kickstarter, so check it out.
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fl ... sco-puzzle

WaterMelon's Magical Game Factory seems to be back in business. The website is up and functional again, and backers of Paprium (Mega Drive only) are starting to see their preorders fulfilled. I'm glad I never added WaterMelon Co to the naughty list, and would certainly welcome a Dreamcast port of Paprium in the future.

I will perform an audit on the list and update as needed in a week or so, and update accordingly. (My life is busy again XD )
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