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New Homebrew Sydney Hunter

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 5:32 am
by ShindouGo
Michel Louvet, YouTuber of the "Oldschool is beautiful" channel offered us an adaptation of a game a few days ago : Sydney Hunter.
This is what he tells us on Twitter :

Il y à plus de 5 ans j'avais commencé le portage de Sydney Hunter sur #Sega #Dreamcast. Sans nouvelle de l'éditeur, j'ai lâché l'affaire. Ce travail j'y avais mis du coeur et du temps, aujourd'hui je décide de le partager sans autorisation

Sydney Hunter Alpha
Sydney Hunter Alpha cdi
Sydney Hunter Alpha covers

/!\ Warning /!\ For those who want to test it on an emulator, it does not work on Demul but works on NullDC on the other hand

A video of the snes version for those who want to see what it looks like :

Re: New Homebrew Sydney Hunter

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:21 am
by mistamontiel

Embed YT will be need the shortened link (the , tag is [youtubenew]

Re: New Homebrew Sydney Hunter

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:28 am
by ShindouGo
It's good, thanks mistamontiel ;)

Re: New Homebrew Sydney Hunter

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 9:35 am
by Ian Micheal
Also the OG game

c64 which i think is pretty amazing came out few years ago

Re: New Homebrew Sydney Hunter

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:54 am
by kremiso
Great find thanks !

cool project, hope in a beta release soon, it seems yet a bit unstable on NullDC
maybe on real hw it runs better

yes, it is great also on C64 :)
i like a lot the graphic improvement, cross fingers

Re: New Homebrew Sydney Hunter

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 11:19 am
by Ian Micheal
I think it runs fine on dreamfrodo last time i checked was only the demo of the game version

Re: New Homebrew Sydney Hunter

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:41 am
by VasiliyRS
As far as i understand this game suppose to be a commercial project with CollectorVision Games as a publisher (or developer). CollectorVision Games and its members are active at social networks so maybe we should contact them and ask what happened with Dreamcast version (port). ... 7148288145
It seems like Collectorvision also works at some other game or games: ... 3975301452
But i do not remember if they ever released anything for Dreamcast...

Another topic here about this game most likely need to be merged viewtopic.php?f=53&t=6179&start=10

Re: New Homebrew Sydney Hunter

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 7:44 pm
by Anthony817
The creator of this port worked on it for a long time and it seems the publisher ghosted him never responding about anything. This is translated from the French quote in the original post.

More than 5 years ago I started porting Sydney Hunter on #Sega #Dreamcast. Without news from the publisher, I dropped the case. I had put my heart and time into this work, today I decide to share it without authorization

Oh well, they never did anything with this and had all the chances in the world to release a retail version. Their loss is ouu gain! I had wondered when we would ever see this, or if we would! I was excited to hear about the port years ago, but nothing ever came from it. It has been a long time.

Thank you so much for sharing this ShindouGo! :mrgreen:

Re: New Homebrew Sydney Hunter

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 7:17 am
by ShindouGo
unfortunately michel Louvet has not done development for 5 years.
I took the opportunity to ask him for news of another Dreamcast project in progress for the game Little Witch Adventure. Here is what he answered me :

Moi : J’en profite Michel pour te demander des nouvelles du jeu "Little Witch Adventure" sur Dreamcast. Est-il en bonne voie ?

Michel Louvet : Oulà, j'ai arrété le développement de tout jeux vidéo il y à 5 ans ! Je ne fais plus que le guignol devant une caméra pour ma chaine Youtube. Reste un jeu à édité sur Colecovision qui le sera cette année normalement, mais développé déjà depuis plusieurs années.

Moi : Ok. Aucune chance que tu nous proposes une version beta ?

Michel Louvet : Pas sur que j'arrive encore à la recompiler, mais en même temps ça n'à aucun intérêt, il y à le 5ème d'un niveau de tests et on ne peux quasiment rien faire. C'est juste un test d'animation et de moteur de jeu.

I translate it for those who do not understand :D

Me : I take this opportunity Michel to ask you for news of the "Little Witch Adventure" game on Dreamcast. Is he well advanced?

Michel Louvet : Well, I stopped developing any video games 5 years ago ! I'm just doing the idiot in front of a camera for my Youtube channel. There remains a game to be published on Colecovision which will be published this year normally, but already developed for several years.

Me : Ok. No chance that you offer us a beta version ?

Michel Louvet : Not sure that I can recompile it yet, but at the same time it is of no interest, there is only 1/5th of a level of tests and we can hardly do anything. It's just an animation and game engine test.

So right now, no chance of seeing another more elaborate version of Sydney Hunter or Little Witch Adventure :(

Re: New Homebrew Sydney Hunter

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2020 7:27 pm
by simbin
anyone else confirm black screen on MODE?