TMNT Rescue Palooza Dreambor

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Re: TMNT Rescue Palooza Dreambor

Post#21 » Mon Aug 01, 2022 4:50 am

Dakangel wrote:
Ian Micheal wrote:It does save are you puting can save 2 in the levels txt ? water effect i can fix not dreambor problem it's game problem quit the game back to the menu it saves what version are you use 7.1 saves ..

I will start puting a version number when it loads I have new version that now works on GDI so no need to use cdi for gdemu anymore..

I am using your latest version, the 7.1 with save and rumble capabilities and now that i have solved both stages problems is time to test the entire game from start to finish before a proper release.

Maybe you are right about the save file size because i tried with only the problematic fixed stages and the save works right away as you can see on the video above.

Great nice work :) Yes could be the amount of data is too big for the vmu size.. I know up to 5 levels still fits but never tested more then that.. Thank you for really using the engine and letting me know..

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