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Post#441 » Mon Mar 08, 2021 2:53 pm

hombreimaginario wrote:
sgmx wrote:Thanks for all the details and sorry if you feel I’m nitpicking :(
Again congrats for this great achievement and I hope all the positive feedback will motivate you for a new project :)
What happened to Ameba ? Have you definitively abandoned it ?

No worries at all. I know sometimes I can get a bit on the defensive side but that's only because I'm a bit stressed after answering like a thousand eamils and posts a day xD

Ameba is indefinitely on hold. We couldn't find an artist who would be committed enough to creating the tons of original artwork needed to make it a reality while, well, not getting any money for it until the game is released. We made Xenocider in our free time with no budget, after all.

We have 3 other potential projects in the pipeline, though. Once most of the physical copies of Xenocider are sold, we can get back to work and maybe announce what the next one will be :)

That's sad, yet understandable, about 'Ameba.' I eagerly await any future announcements though.

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