Dead Or Alive 2: Final (RELEASE!)

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Re: Dead Or Alive 2: Final (RELEASE!)

Post#71 » Thu Mar 11, 2021 12:01 pm

Thank You was really worth doing afterall the real credit on Mr Green Ranger and Dee4doa. So heres two screencaps on the 2021 Story.

Better off replacing the existing costumes then trying to add more slots more research is needed. I love for Ein to have his Hardcore shirt and jacket as his C1 default for example. Replace all the remaining default C1 would be a good start too fresher up the Story Mode more.

I like to know how to change the main menu background and put up new stages replace that Danger Zone!

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Re: Dead Or Alive 2: Final (RELEASE!)

Post#72 » Fri Mar 12, 2021 5:20 pm

The doa2 hardcore beach stage would be a welcome addition to the game, if possible.

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Re: Dead Or Alive 2: Final (RELEASE!)

Post#73 » Sat Mar 13, 2021 5:49 am

Fixing the Stage images first that got flawed with the Widescreen hex patch. Can definitely see on Bass' Tina Poster ally scene and again on the cliffside scene that the back/front image was only big enough for SD TVs. Finding a new bigger image just so we can have better Cut Scenes for our Widescreen version I like to see done.

Interesting to compare DC Bamboo Forest stage to the PS2 Bamboo Forest see what's what. I fill in on the Dreamcast Hex v
Value Stages here have everything in one place for everyone to look at again Dee4doa for this. You can swap over any Story Mode stage and the Logo Push Start stage you like. Keep a reminder on your changes though.

There maybe slight chance the game won't load all stages ala Bamboo Forest stage in Story. More Time and more people having ago at this see what else we can push that the Dreamcast can do. Just finding Jann Lee Dojo and Tina Catwalk Hex Value numbers is what I'm trying to get right now.

00 - The White Storm
01 - The Aerial Garden (Night)
02 - The Danger Zone 2 (Survival)
03 - The Ice Cavern
04 - Helena's Burning Cutscene
05 - The Death Valley
06 - Test Stage
07 - Test Stage 2
08 - The Danger Zone 2 (Sparring + Tag Battle)
09 - The Danger Zone
0a - The Great Opera
0b - The Great Opera (Lower Balcony)
0c - The Demon Church
0d - The Demon Church (Lower Level)
0e - Kasumi Cloning Cutscene
0f - The Aerial Garden (Daytime)
10 - The Aerial Garden (Lower - Day)
11 - Elevator Cutscene
12 - The Miyama
13 - Wind Test Stage
14 - The Spiral
15 - The Dragon Hills
16 - Effect Test Stage
17 - Bass' Ally Stage
18 - The Bio-Lab
19 - Leon's Desert
1a - The Aerial Garden (Lower - Night)
1b - The Miyama (Snowing)
1c - Young Tina Cutscene Stage
1d - Bass' Living room
1e - The Dragon Hills (Lower Level)
1f - Dummy Stage
20 - Dummy Stage
21 - Dummy Stage
22 - Dummy Stage
23 - Dummy Stage
24 - Dummy Stage
25 - Dummy Stage
26 - Dummy Stage
27 - Dummy Stage
28 - L's Castle
29 - The Buida Zehn
2a - The Buida Zehn (Lower Level)
2b - Bamboo Forest Cutscene

?? - Tina's Catwalk stage?
?? - The Koku-an?

These are the Stage Files Numbers you see on the game's folder.

Stage00- The White Storm
Stage01- The Arial Gardens (Daytime)
Stage02- The Danger Zone 2 (Survival Mode)
Stage03- The Ice Cavern
Stage04- The Great Opera (Burning)
Stage05- The Death Valley
Stage06- Test Stage
Stage07- Test Stage (Ramps)
Stage08- The Danger Zone 2 (Sparring + Tag)
Stage09- The Danger Zone
Stage10- The Great Opera
Stage11- The Great Opera (Lower Level)
Stage12- The Demon Church
Stage13- The Demon Church (Lower Level)
Stage14- Kasumi's Cloning Blob Stage
Stage15- The Arial Gardens (Night time)
Stage16- The Arial Gardens (Lower Level)
Stage17- Helena's Elevator Stage
Stage18- The Miyama
Stage19- Dummy Stage ????
Stage20- The Spiral
Stage21- The Dragon Hills
Stage22- Bird Object
Stage23- Bass' Ally Stage
Stage24- The Bio-Lab
Stage25- Leon's Desert Plains
Stage26- Dummy Stage
Stage27- The Miyama (Winter)
Stage28- Young Tina Cutscene Stage
Stage29- Bass' Living room
Stage30- The Dragon Hills (Lower Level)
Stage31- Test Stage
Stage32- Test Stage
Stage33- Test Stage
Stage34- Test Stage
Stage35- Test Stage
Stage36- Test Stage
Stage37- Test Stage
Stage38- Test Stage
Stage39- Test Stage
Stage40- The L's Castle
Stage41- The Buida Zehn
Stage42- The Buida Zehn (Lower Level)
Stage43- The Bamboo Forest
Stage44- Jann Lee's Dojo (The Koku-an)
Stage45- Dummy Stage

AYA or AYANE = Ayane
BAS or BASS = Bass
SAM or SAMBO = Bayman
KTE or KARATE = Hayate (Ein)
GEN or GENFU = Gen-Fu
HIK or HIKA = Helena
JAN or JANLEE = Jann-Lee
KAS or KASUMI = Kasumi
LEI or LEIFAN = Lei Fang
BAY or BAYMAN = Leon
RYU = Ryu Hayabusa
TNG or TENGU = Tengu
TIN or TINA = Tina
ZAC or ZACK = Zack

So if you see AYA00.APV, that means it is a file for Ayane.

And these names belong to the non-playable characters
MAM or MAMA = Helena's Mother
PDOG = Zack's Prairie Dog aka Rabbit
LOR or LORAND = ROLAND aka Lauren
WBA or WAKABS = Young Bass
YTI = Young Tina

Here's the link again ... 2.cdi/file

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Re: Dead Or Alive 2: Final (RELEASE!)

Post#74 » Mon Mar 15, 2021 12:34 pm

To keep up with more interest. This is to show off the Hex Value Stage Swap in Story Mode. Coolest thing is changing the cut scene stages for each characters around to different places.

There is one slight problem that the camera might not be as fixed to how the cut scene worked on the stage was originally set in.

Ein and Ayane at The Buida Zehn wasn't fixed well sadly.

Start off with Kasumi in the Desert once beaten you see Evil Kasumi in the Desert instead off being in Demon Church!


Now the Camera isn't as fixed correctly sure shows how much more fun we can make a New Story Mode!


I'm no Grant Morrison so following the path that was Dead or Alive Dimensions. Tighter up the Dreamcast Story with more links to the wider DoA universe.


Wondering about the Spring Miyama featured in Lei Fang endings could be a playable stage have all four seasons like Xbox.

Where the random stages Time Attack hex values are.

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Re: Dead Or Alive 2: Final (RELEASE!)

Post#75 » Mon Sep 13, 2021 9:02 am

Here is the GDI version for a short time to Mr Green Ranger's DoA 2 Final - 2021 update. This can also be played on your SD Card Adaptor with Retrodream 2020 using the correct settings below. There are small changes made to gdi over the cdi version that is available above too.

This features C2 Spike Tengu replacing over the default C1 Tengu. As the PS2/Xbox version can switch between Tengu's costumes for the Story Mode but the Dreamcast didn't do that. So I took the task to see if the game would crash if I simply copied and pasting over C2 to C1. The result was amazement seeing Tengu's cutscenes in his spiked look really cool. This enhances the new 2021 update alot more for the Story Mode which was the main focus on all the characters paths.

Unzip and place within your Games Folder.

Memory 0X8COOO100


Sync 16

Loader 12

One Crash Bug. If you play around with the rewind replay feature to much *may* crash the game maybe the Card Adaptor speed. There is small loading lag & sound lag on the logo menu screen but you get use too that.

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