OpenTitus (Titus the Fox/Moktar)

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OpenTitus (Titus the Fox/Moktar)

Post#1 » Fri Sep 02, 2016 9:22 pm

Here is a version of Titus the Fox that was ported to DC over a year ago in 2015 by gameblabla. I have only added the files to the binaries and compiled it into a cdi.

I never saw a full download made into a cdi so I figured I would make one and share it here. This is a port of the PC version on MDOS.

Titus the Fox is a side-scrolling platform game developed by Titus Interactive for the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, DOS. The game was originally released in 1991 under the name Lagaf': Les Aventures de Moktar — Vol 1: La Zoubida, featuring French comedian Lagaf' as a tie-in with his song "La Zoubida". For the international edition, Titus retooled the game to feature its mascot and released the game as Titus the Fox: To Marrakech and Back in 1992.!bINGSLLJ!gPBL2BfxHz9Z ... 9mkKr6inr4

D-pad = Move
A/Up = Jump
Down+B = Hold

To hold an object, make sure you're close to it.
Crouch and then Press B to hold it.
Press B again to throw it.

Source: ... 4&t=103677

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