Dreamcast Noob Chiming In

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Daniël Oosterhuis
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Dreamcast Noob Chiming In

Post#1 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:33 am

Hello everyone, I'm Daniël and I'm a new Dreamcast owner. I've had a fascination for the console for a while, and finally decided to get myself one. I personally don't really have nostalgia for the Dreamcast, not least because I was born in '98 and the first consoles I really ever used were my sister's PlayStation 2 (cue booing :lol:) and an original GameBoy, but I've gotten myself interested in older game consoles more and more, and the Dreamcast really stood out to me by just how ahead of its time it was.

Even though my Dreamcast still needs a PSU (I bought a Japanese one with the idea that I could mod its PSU, only to find out it has a different one than I expected), and currently has an ATX powersupply hanging out the back (I was too impatient to wait with testing it :lol:), I hope to be able to join you guys in online games not too long from now!

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