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Another newbie here from the UK

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 4:01 am
by RetroracerUK76
Hi everyone. Hope you're all doing fine in these strange times. :)

I've been a casual gamer since the early 80's having started out with computers of the time. My first computer was a Dragon 32 (any one remember those?!) then i became a commodore fan from the C64,Amiga A500 and then onto my first console the CD32 which was doomed from the start but i stuck with it until the end. Next step was the PS1 and then i bought my Dreamcast new in early 2000. It came with Aerowings, Sonic adventure, Soulcalibur and Ready to rumble boxing. I never did any online gaming at the time but i'm keen on getting started now!

I've got a Dreampi set up and collected quite a few online games so you should see me soon when i've hopefully sorted some issues out by not being able to get off the login pages especially on monaco online. It says "connect to network failed" but on the dreamcast now site i'm there lit up plain as day! Strange!

I'm sure i'll get it sorted out soon. Bear in mind that i'm not a "computer whizz kid" like you guys! (I was always a plug in and play guy and never got into the technical side of things). I did manage to login on 4x4 evo last night though, after the game just came through the post from the US the other day. 8-)

Hope to see you guys soon for some virtual racing! :D

Re: Another newbie here from the UK

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 1:02 pm
by Bob Dobbs
Welcome to DC-Talk! I hope you enjoy your time here.