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Hey there!

Post#1 » Sat Oct 31, 2020 12:46 pm

I mainly grew up with the Wii/DS so there wasn't a time in my life when SEGA made consoles. I got really into the Sonic franchise as a kid through Sonic Advance and Sonic Colors, so I ended up learning about all of SEGA's consoles like The Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast.

I started deciding a few months ago that I wanted to get into older consoles, so I bought myself a Genesis and really liked it. I actually got my first summer job to pay for the thing. Soon, however, I learned about the Dreamcast and was instantly hooked on it. Tons of amazing games and franchises, as well as the ability to play online really hooked me on the console. I have somewhat of a fascination of bringing older consoles online like the SNES with the Satelaview, N64 with Randnet, and the Sega Saturn with Netlink I knew that the second I bought a Dreamcast I needed to bring it online. So a few weeks ago when I had saved up enough money I was able to buy a Dreamcast, 2 controllers, 2 Memory Cards, a good library of 10 games, and a keyboard for communicating online. So now that I have all that I'm excited to play my Dreamcast online with all of you :D !
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Re: Hey there!

Post#2 » Sat Oct 31, 2020 7:36 pm

Welcome to DC-Talk! I see you are already online so I hope you can get some good games in.
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