My Dreamcast Life

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My Dreamcast Life

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I imported a jap Dreamcast around 06/07 when I was getting into shoot 'em ups, making some spare cash and already owning all the Nintendo consoles I ever wanted. I soon fell in love with the machine and the scene, bringing the DC along wherever I moved. At some point though my interest in gaming faded and the last decade or so I must admit moste of my gaming devices have been doing litte more than collecting dust.

My interest in computer gaming got reignited when I got myself a Famicom Everdrive in the summer of 22, and when I picked up one for GBA last Christmas I started playing Mr Driller 2 on it. Now Mr. Driller was a game I almost bought a lot of times for my DC back in the days so I figured I had to try it which involved reading up on all the Dreamcast stuff I had forgoten, coming across this site for the first time.

I must say I'm a bit blow away by everyting that has happened these years. I had an old stock of CDs about 25 that I thought would last forever all chugged up the past month (I think I started with the Cowabunga collection which forced me to move the DC to my desktop to share the screen with my computer, then I couldn't stop it's just so many top quality releases). I've got myself an sd-adapter and tried some Atomiswave.

My trusty old Dreamcast is in top working condition. It has no problem reading discs and even the clock battery is keeping the charge now that the console is booted up most days. I am doing a silent fan mod though and I'm also finally getting around to modding my DC arcade stick. I was thinking about installing a region free BIOS, because my collection is every regon (mainly jap an eu though), and also a new PSU of some sort, just because it's a hassle to use a converter.

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