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Post#11 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 7:11 pm

Nz17 wrote:As for X+Y temporarily increasing the brightness of the screen's images, my theory is that this goes back to the old days before digital capture devices and digital cameras were practical and the gaming press mainly used film cameras instead. In order to make it easier to take screenshots for magazine previews and reviews, the developers added the X+Y option to brighten the screen so that video game journalists could photograph the television screen for the screenshots. By temporarily brightening the screen, it would make the images appear brighter and clearer on the film and thus in print. It would also allow the developers to avoid having to ask the journalists to fiddle with the TV's brightness or contrast settings every time they wanted to take a screenshot with their film cameras. All that would be required is that the devs would have to tell the magazine writers about the secret combo to activate "screenshot mode."

That's the same thing I was thinking.
Also, good summary. :)

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