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Mega EverDrive X7 help

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:10 am
by Robbie
I have just got hold off a Mega EverDrive X7 for my Sega Mega Drive v1
It's working great with no problems at all.

But I have a 32X and I have notice that you can't play Master System games with the 32X installed.
What is a Bomber I must say. :cry:

I have my Mega drive under a TV stand and I hate having to disconnect the 32X all the time.
And I really don't want to go and buy a Master System.

I was wondering if anyone may know off anyway getting around this.

I have been looking online for some advice.
And somebody as done a mod but it only works on v2 Mega Drives and then it's not 100% brilliant.

A another thing I have seen online is someone saying Mega EverDrive X7 can play Sega SG-1000 games.

I have tried this by downloading some roms to give it a go.
After messing about with the region settings I did get some crazy Japanese music playing but with no picture.

Anyway thank you for your help.