Why dreamcast-talk is the best social media

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Why dreamcast-talk is the best social media

Post by ThickPad »

Ok, this section may not be the best for this post, but here I'm going to tell you why I think this website is the best social media around.
1. The community. Unlike some social medias, witch often have toxic communities, dreamcast-talk's community is the best of the best. It is helpfull, friendly, active and supportive. This is mainly because of the website's popularity, but still, this is THE best community of a social media I have seen.
2. The website. One of the biggest reasons why I like this website is it's simple interface. It is very easy to use, and most importantly, works on older devices. Other social medias make their website complicated, more "modern" and "easier to look at and navigate". But in that they sacrifice support for older web browsers. I want a social media witch can easily load on older web browsers. Dreamcast-talk accomplishes that. It flawlessly work on my blackberry bold 9900, nokia 3310 3g and other old phones I have tried. In fact, I am typing this on my blackberry bold 9900. So please, the team behind dreamcast-talk, keep this website simple and compatible with web browsers such as opera mini.
So these are the main reasons why I think this social media is the best. Keep it going, dreamcast-talk!

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Re: Why dreamcast-talk is the best social media

Post by Jako »

Agree with every word that you said and a nice chance for me to say Thank You too to the team that is behind this web keeping it helpful and clean. Hard work because Dreamcast-talk is not only this web, is a lot of services to keep alive, updates... A present for every Dreamcast user.
Long life to DCTalk!!! :D
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Re: Why dreamcast-talk is the best social media

Post by roshiyal »

Dreamcast-talk is truly a gem in the social media realm, and a big shoutout to the amazing team making it all happen. The dedication to keeping it helpful, clean, and alive is seriously commendable – a present indeed for every Dreamcast user!

On a different note, has anyone ever explored the world of Instagram likes for sale? Just curious about the whole scene! Cheers to the Dreamcast community – you all rock!