Total noob, how to start?

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Total noob, how to start?

Post by nighlanderLX »

I finally got my Dreamcast online with DreamPi and also started running Flycast on Retropie which is so much easier, but not the realest DC experience. I was ecstatic to start playing with y'all, only to keep finding roadblocks. Chuchu Rocket throws a password error, PSO doesn't succeed logging in either (w/ fake # and access key), and I see no one in Quake. Figuring I'm doing a lot of things wrong, and they're all different and I'm sure there are other 20 topics here for this, but everyone seems very much in the know about what's been said while I'm a total noob. What's missing here? Do I need to register on the right servers? Only show up at scheduled times? Very eager to be a part of the community!

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Re: Total noob, how to start?

Post by supah_mama_luigi »

My best advice is to check out dreamcast live as they usually have guides for connection issues. I recall having to change some settings in my router to allow some games to work. As for the games that don't have players, that's just when ya gotta look out for other people doing game nights you can hop in with.

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Dreamcast Games you play Online: PSO
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Re: Total noob, how to start?

Post by Cjnuxoll »

I just discovered this website and forum today. I am by no means tech saavy, but I do know a few things. I have several DCs, and pretty much the entire library of games, and my DC is outfitted with a BBA but is not online. I must have read through 15-20 pages of online connection support stuff, but as of yet have not found a guide on how to get online with my BBA. I mostly just want to play PSO but I wasn't aware of how many other games (besides Quake III) can go online, so I might start goofing around with other titles. I don't know if you can get online with Road to the Rose Bowl, but I would be very interested in that.

Back in the day, I used to get online on PSO with friends via dialup; I have the keyboard and mouse, and I still have the old dial up modem one one of my DCs.

I currently play PSO on my GameCube through the BBA on the Schthack servers until something happened to my connection that I haven't yet fixed.

Just a little background about me. I currently regularly play on PS2, PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One, GameCube, Wii, Wii U and a Switch. I have a PC dedicated to MAME and I have two X-Arcade Tank sticks connected.

For DC I have 3 aftermarket racing wheels/pedals, 2 Sega Fishing Rods, 2 Sega Arcade sticks, about a dozen controllers & VMUs along with a few Sega and MadCatz rumble packs.