This section is closed + new speculation rules

This forum is closed. Rumor and speculation topics about future Sega consoles are no longer allowed in any forum section as of 2/22/2012
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This section is closed + new speculation rules

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Future Sega console speculation and rumors are now prohibited and the Rumors section will be shut down. If you want to look at rumors of Sega consoles just check the hundreds of threads already posted about it. As you can see, it will not happen, especially anytime soon. If something official is announced then things will change but until then this has to stop.

If you post about imaginary Sega consoles in other forums then your topic will be deleted and you'll warned... maybe banned depending on who you are :ugeek:

Talking about other future consoles like Sony, M$, and Nintendo, etc. are fine. Post them in their appropriate "Other consoles" forums. And make sure it's real news or clearly labeled as your own speculation ;)

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