Your best games on Amiga

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Re: Your best games on Amiga

Post#11 » Thu Jul 07, 2022 5:22 am

definitely a Commodore nostalgic here, so also c64
my god, improving this one even more would be amazing
i don't know how, which other trick/magic Ian could apply lol

wondering if a bit later uae core could be applied, to unlock some other games, prolly not

there are a couple of games that already work greatly imo, but strangely have the collisions turned off
like Wrath of the Demon, or Leander

Project X has some gfx (timing?) issues, Ninja Warriors works with sfx, but crashes on level two boss battle (big tank)

i'll use some titles on the list to made some tests on my side too, thanks ;)

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Re: Your best games on Amiga

Post#12 » Thu Jul 07, 2022 8:29 am

Mr Kremiso , when tgis first step (the list) is done i was actually thinking to reach out for you tonsee if you wanted to help out. You have done magic before with the ussload etc.

I will contact you after vaccation in 2 weeks <3

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Re: Your best games on Amiga

Post#13 » Sun Jul 17, 2022 3:29 pm

Okey The list is updated.

People who have not "voted" so far (writing down the games you like most basically on Amiga worth playing today) please write down the games you would like to see in the new Amiga collection to the Dreamcast.

Dont mind about "genres" etc , just write the game names <3 Thank you all in advance and more info about this project will be told as we start working on it. There will be a discord channel for started for this Amiga-Dreamcast collection only.

Sorry if i repeat myself again but please do write down the name of the games you like in this thread.

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Re: Your best games on Amiga

Post#14 » Sun Feb 05, 2023 10:39 am

Sorry for bumping an really old thread.

But i just wanted all of you who are actually interested in this to know that the project is still on.

I have done extensive testing with a lot of different games , and for every game i check all possible versions of the game i can to hopefully find one that works as good as i want (and that around 80-100%, 80% might sound like "shit" to some of you but it all depends what kind of game it is , a slow strategic game might not need to be 100% to be perfectly playable)

All games that will be on this edition when its done will play perfectly on our emulator , perfectly as in there might be issues compared to the original but it wont have any impact on gameplay. Alot of games that we would want on the collection may not be there but time will show.

Also , all games need to be able to save on the VMU otherwise it will not be on the collection (example , cannon fodder runs very good , but as of now its not possible to save the game, and therefore it wont be on the collection)

Im gonna drop some "big" titles that works very good that i have found so far:

Title/How good it runs

Arkanoid / 95%
Alien Breed Tower Assault / 90-95%
Battle Isle / 95%
Civilisation / 90% (a minor , and thats a minor gfx bug at what i can see so far one screen that shows every 15 min)
Eye of the Beholder / 95%
Lemmings / 100%
Pirates / 95%
Silent Service 2 / 95%
Sim City / 100%
Syndicate / 90% (suffers with some slowdown but you would not know if you did not compare to the original directly)

Well , testing continues <3

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