[Help] Dreamkey 3.0 won't connect?

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[Help] Dreamkey 3.0 won't connect?

Post#1 » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:27 am

I bought myself a legitimate version of Dreamkey 3.0, yet I cannot connect. I've tried two free dialup ISPs (nippy and freeola) yet they both error out. The first few attempts they'll say something like the line is busy, and from then on it'll either give me an error about the server being busy or an error about the modem cable not being inserted (yet it is)
I'm using a legitimate UK copy of Dreamkey 3.0, a PAL Model 1 Dreamcast, and a 33k modem.
The phone wire is connected from the slot on the modem to a phone socket on the filter thing my internet uses.
It's currently configured with the nippy isp (previously confirmed to work with Dreamkey 3.0 I believe) and the Dreampipe DNS in primary DNS and automatic secondary.
Can anybody help me?

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