DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image

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DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image

Post#1 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:27 pm

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DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image


While setting up a new Raspberry Pi with DreamPi distro last month, the smallest micro SD card I had on hand was a whopping 16GB SDHC one. Considering how much excess free space on the SD card I would have after the DreamPi install, I figured I would look into installing other Linux distros on the same SD card via a multi-boot setup. Unfortunately, the official DreamPi distro image is a raw image (containing both a boot and root partition inside) and needs to be written directly to the card; thus it is not easily partitionable for booting with other Linux distros.


In order to get around the lack of multi-booting with DreamPi for myself and others, as well as to help out new people creating a DreamPi setup with a simple installer, I have created an unofficial NOOBS-compatible DreamPi image which I am releasing today! The download package includes a NOOBS-formatted DreamPi image (based off of DreamPi v1.6), a DreamPi OS icon, and an informative image slideshow about DreamPi during installation.

For those unfamiliar with it, NOOBS (New Out Of Box Setup) is a simple bootloader and operating system downloader/installer for Raspberry Pi. By downloading/installing NOOBS-formatted distro images through NOOBS, the distros will be installed in such a way as to allow for easy multi-boot. By extension, this image is compatible with PINN (PINN Is Not NOOBS), which is an enhanced version of NOOBS that I recommend using over vanilla NOOBS.

PINN has the following extended features over NOOBS:

  • Various ways to install OSes
    • Install from SD Card (offline)
    • Install from online server (with a wider variety of OSes)
    • External Media
      • USB Flash Drive
      • External SD Card via a USB SD Card reader
  • Install additional 512MB ext4 Data partitions, for general data usage
  • Download and archive to the SD Card the OSes from the online server, for offline installation
  • Easily reinstall OSes if something goes wrong (without having to redo a fresh PINN setup)
  • Various maintenance capabilities
    • OS maintenance utility
    • Recovery shell
    • SD card clone utility
    • Password restorer
    • File System Checker


To use this NOOBS-compatible DreamPi image through NOOBS/PINN, you will need to plop the "DreamPi" folder inside the download into the "os" folder on the SD Card, and then install DreamPi through the bootloader.

It is a little more complicated than this, however, and I recommend backing up your SD card before doing anything in case you do something wrong.

  • Setting up a new SD Card:

    • Format the SD Card to FAT32
      • This will erase all data on it!
    • Download latest version of either NOOBS (full version) or PINN (latter highly recommended)
    • Put the contents of either download onto the root of the SD Card
    • Download my DreamPi NOOBS compatible image

    • Copy the "DreamPi" folder from my download into the "os" folder on the SD card
      • Also copy the folders for any additional NOOBS-compatible OS images there too (for NOOBS setup, if necessary)
      • To quote the PINN documentation:
        "Make sure to add any OSes to the /os/ folder before you boot [NOOBS/PINN] in [an] RPi for the first time.
        Otherwise you will find the partition has been shrunk to its minimum size and
        there will be no room to add any more OSes to the card later."

    • Place SD Card into Raspberry Pi, and boot the Pi up.
    • Install the OSes (DreamPi and others).
      • Important: For NOOBS, make sure you check you all of the OSes you want installed at once!
        Installing a single OS may wipe any currently existing ones, and you aren't easily able to change OSes installed afterwards!
    • Enjoy your new multi-boot capabilities!
  • Setting up an existing SD Card with NOOBS/PINN already installed

    • NOOBS Lite
      • Upgrade to either NOOBS Full-version or PINN (recommended), then follow the "Setting up a new SD Card" section.
        This is required, because we need offline installation for the DreamPi NOOBS image!
    • NOOBS Full-version
      • Follow steps in "Setting up a new SD Card section" for NOOBS setup.
        Backup data before doing so, and make sure you either have local access to all OSes


      • Upgrade to superior PINN instalation
    • PINN
      • Format USB Stick/external SD Card to FAT32
        • (if not already; USB Stick/SD Card will be erased!)
      • Create "os" folder on root of USB Stick/external Card
      • Copy "DreamPi" folder from my DreamPi NOOBS Compatible Image download into "os" folder
      • Boot up Pi with USB Stick/USB Card reader with external SD Card inserted, install DreamPi


  • Kazade - For making DreamPi
  • Shuouma, et. al - for resurrecting many offline Dreamcast games back online!
  • Creators of NOOBS and PINN
  • Sega - For making the Sega Dreamcast
DreamPi NOOBS-Compatible Image:
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Re: DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image

Post#2 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:49 pm

Impressive! I might look into this. Would be nice to use my rpi for more.

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Re: DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image

Post#3 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:32 pm

Indeed the subforums are a-too-plenty

Nice writeup

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Re: DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image

Post#4 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:40 pm

Very nice! nice to see my Saturn footage immortalized :D

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Re: DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image

Post#5 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:39 am

You should PM impulse to add this guide to guides page :) This is very helpful, great write up!

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Re: DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image

Post#6 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:00 am


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Re: DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image

Post#7 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:33 pm

Very nice guide. There's also a method to get DreamPi working with BerryBoot, for those who prefer that option:


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