PlanetWeb not connecting, but game browsers load fine?

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PlanetWeb not connecting, but game browsers load fine?

Post#1 » Wed Aug 05, 2020 11:52 pm

So I have recently set up my dreampi with my Dreamcast, and I loaded up the websites for both Sonic Adventure titles successfully, however when I tried to load the browser on the PlanetWeb disc (1.0) it’ll display all the normal messages (connecting to modem, dialing modem etc) but I always get an error message that states,”Unable to load requested document. Please try again.” Anyone know why this could be happening? On a side note I also tried to load a website from the Sonic Adventure 2 browser, and it said could not find host, (website in question is ) and a post from 2020 suggests it still works but I’m not so sure on it.

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