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Re: IMR technology Emulators Old working releases

Post#41 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:13 pm

ChristinaDreamcustDC wrote:
Ian Micheal wrote:Major thing is the others for download are small screen in the center this is fullscreen properscale

Well just for you this is still using the last update i released Also i did not port this in the first place only updated it. but it was an elf file no one even bothered to try it.. This is still 2003.. I do intented to update it in the future but for now here is complete set of colour ws games using the last update i did.. It's fullscreen scaled no sound old remember but should be faster then the one floating around or on websites. Some games run Well others dont.. Remember this was compiled in 2003 so it's not a new update.
CDI link!Gzo3kazA!J51j9yeQV-HI ... FlGwAwstnA

Official version rendering

IMR UPDATE rendering 2003 No speed hit sometimes faster

X card of fate and the gundam games all work very well on this build no sound.

Its my fav handheld console. :)

Hey Ian Michael, a little bit after you posted that message I made my own Oswan Wonderswan disc with the older version of Oswan with sound. I have it loaded with some EN patched Wonderswan games from and all of the black and white games I could find. I could try to upload it to the Dreamcast-talk forums tomorrow, when I have access to my disc and files. Does anybody else think this would be a good idea? I'll make my own topic in the EMULATION section if I release it.

If I remember right, the disc has a custom Windows icon when its inserted to a Windows PC. I think I put a copy of a PC computer Wonderswan emulator on the disc too, if I remember correctly.

I hope you don't consider this to be too off topic.

That be cool ive lost the src to the version with working sound atm

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