GDEMU: Incorrect Dreamcast Online Websites Rendering

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GDEMU: Incorrect Dreamcast Online Websites Rendering

Post#1 » Wed May 13, 2020 2:31 pm

Has anyone tried to access the online websites for San Fransisco Rush or MSR with a GDEMU installed? With all the hype around new games coming online, I decided to hook everything up yesterday but when I visit any game website via the dreamcast I am getting the split screen issue in the attached screenshots. In game everything is rendered correctly.

I want to point out that it was rendering correctly before I installed GDEMU and this is my first time accessing the game websites after the upgrade. For full disclosure, I am using a VGA->HDMI converter and my GDEMU is shamefully a clone.

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Re: GDEMU: Incorrect Dreamcast Online Websites Rendering

Post#2 » Wed May 13, 2020 3:05 pm

put your gdrom back in and test, youll know if its that or something else. ive had no issues with that (clone also) personally.

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