Black & White (SEGA 2001 Unreleased)

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Black & White (SEGA 2001 Unreleased)

Post#1 » Tue Apr 12, 2022 7:53 am

BLACK & WHITE (SEGA 2001 Unreleased)
Lionhead Studios
Expected release: 2001
Platforms: Windows, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2.
Design: Peter Molineux

Black & White was an officially announced Dreamcast game by SEGA in October 2000 through Officials Dreamcast Magazines. Highly ranked by Dreamcast users at that time, it was published as a game under development with an estimated time of arrival in 2001 (UK Dreamcast magazine). In the Official Dreamcast Magazine Nº13 (November 2000) two developers listed the game as the most expected game for them to be released. You can read developers "Stefan 28" and "Phillipe 28" listing the game in a Top Ten ranking as the most expected game after Phantasy Star Online, others developers were looking forward most to Daytona USA and Virtua Tennis.

Black and White (Cancelled 2000).png

What is the game about?
As the Official description in the UK Official Dreamcast Magazine Nº13 says that you have to control a hugh creature's behaviour determined by how well you treat the island dwellers. "Treat them well and the creature reflects happiness, treat them bad and the creature will look like pure evil".
Black & White (Anounced in 2000 Oct).png

Black & White (Anounced in 2000 Oct) 02.png

The platforms this game was announced for were PS1, PS2, Dreamcast and Windows but finally was only released for PC. Is it probably another unreleased piece of videogame art hidden in some development kit? If it is, must be there one between 2000 and 2001.



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